We believe in the strength of bringing people together around common goals and values. Hope Cathedral favors broadly and is boundless. The ambassador Group of Hope Cathedral will help us succeed with this.


HRH Crown Princess
Mette Marit


We are proud to have Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mette-Marit as Hope cathedrals patron and our ambassador. Look what she has to say about the project here. (Norwegian)


Gunnar Stålsett

Bishop EM

-Hope Cathedral unites spirituality and politics. Both are important for preserving planet earth as our common living space. Hope Cathedral is a vision that will be beneficiary.


Tuva  Stålsett Nygaard 9 år, og Magnus Johan Stålsett Nygaard  6 år.

Environmental Agents. They both clean and collects plastic regularly, together with their grandma.

We feel sorry for the animals in the sea and think very much about the whales and all the seabirds who are sick of all the plastic. We love the sea. Both seafood and all the nice things you can make of shells, and a lot of other strange things from the sea. Also, grandmother (Jorunn) says that ”love for nature is the love of the people" and she has taught us the names of all plants and fishes in the sea. We want all adults to engage to save the sea, and to listen to us kids as well!


Anne Lene Hompland

Founder and Chair of the Oslo Peace Week Foundation

-The Hope Cathedral is a fantastic initiative that illuminates some of the biggest challenges the world faces today.The initiative is not only a reminder in it´s making and idea, but a real arena for gatherings, showcasing solutions for a sustainable and strong collaboration toward a safer, cleaner and better future for all. And it tells us, that we can, together, each one of us, can make a difference and save the sea and the environment by collaboration.

It is an honored to help spreading this important message and support the initiative and its purpose for the global community.


Nicholas Holtam

Bishop of Salisbury

-Hope Cathedral is a symbol being created in response to the environmental challenges of our day.  The spirit in which we respond to these will be as important as the actions we take.  I am pleased to become an Ambassador of this important project.

Skjermbilde 2019-04-29 kl. 10.48.34.png

Sister Theodora

Anafora Coptic Orthodox Church i Egypt

-I am so happy for the Hope Cathedral project and that it is connected to our Anafora vision of lifting up all people.   One of the ways Anafora does this is by taking care of the environment. This is why this innovative project is so important in encouraging everyone to play their part in caring for the environment. 

Imam Ibrahima Saidy.jpeg

Ibrahima Kebba Saidy 

Imam: Daru Salaam Islamic Centre, Founder and Chairman: Green Jihad for Peace and Sustainable Development

As Muslims, the Quran enjoins us to always cooperate in deeds of righteousness and piety. “Hope Cathedral” brings people together and builds bridges across religious, political and scientific divides in order to preserve our planet and save mankind from an impending environmental catastrophe.  It’s an honour to be a part of such a noble project.


Hilde Opoku

Special Advisor on the SDG’s to the Minister | Ministry of Finance, Ghana.

Nature's premises are being restricted at furious speed, and with them our human conditions on Earth. We are the problem and the solution. It’s overwhelming. But if we cling on to hope, join together and utilizes the knowledge and experience we have, all is possible. The project Hope Cathedral, hits me in so many ways. It can be used practically and theoretically working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, far beyond Goal 14: Life Below Water - even if it is totally fundamental for all life.


Guerrilla Plastic Movement

We are honored to be ambassadors of the Hope Cathedral as we share a common engagement and love for the ocean.
Guerrilla Plastic Movement works for a healthy and plastic free ocean using visual, verbal and artistic means; actionart with humor and seriousness. Our group has extensive experience in creative work and communication. We are artists, creators, journalists, photographers and writers.Through this type of engagement and communication, we can also motivate more people to take action to save our oceans.


Erik Solheim

Tidligere leder for FNs miljøprogram

Erik Solheim er en norsk diplomat og tidligere politiker SV. Han var leder for FNs miljøprogram og assisterende generalsekretær i FN fra 2016 til 2018.

Solheim ble i 2000 utnevnt til spesialrådgiver i Utenriksdepartementet, og jobbet som fredsmegler på Sri Lanka. Etter at han forlot regjeringen 23. mars 2012 gikk han tilbake til stillingen som spesialrådgiver. Fra 2013 var han leder for OECDs samarbeidsforum DAC. Han har senere signalisert sin støtte til Miljøpartiet De Grønne, og var aktiv som strategisk rådgiver for partiet i valgkampen i 2015.

 -Håp er det eneste som kan bekjempe apati. Derfor er Håpets katedral et aktuelt og viktig prosjekt.

Foto Marius Nyheim Kristoffersen mindre.jpg

Bård Vegar Solhjell

Secretary General of WWF Norway

Ocean plastic waste are one of the biggest environmental challenges we face. Many of us are fond of the ocean, but we are also deeply dependent of it - for food and workplaces. The UN has endorsed the WWF World Wildlife Fund's proposal for a zero vision for ocean plastic, but the problem is urgent and everyone has to contribute. In WWF we share the same driving force we see behind Hope Cathedrals project, namely the love for the sea - and the hope that lies in taking care of it.


Helene Bøksle

Helene Bøksle is one of the leading singers in Norway. Helene is known for her spellbinding and captivating voice. She grew up by the fjords and the mountains in the south of Norway, and her music is inspired by the sea, Nordic landscape and culture, and traditional folk music. Helene uses her unique voice to create her own sound and music.

Helene has released six albums, and contributed on a number of recordings with bands and musicians such as Secret Garden, David Urwitz, Jens Gundersen og Staut – as well as the music for the online-game “Age of Conan”, nominated to Hollywood Music Awards


Sunniva Gylver

Pastor in the Church of Norway

-One of my favorite names of God in the Bible is the God of Hope. Without hope, it seems hard to survive and face the overwhelming challenges of this world. The hope AND faith convinced that we are never alone, always loved, and that one day evil, injustice and destructions will end and everything will be good and righteous.

Margaret Mead has said, «Never doubt that small groups of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. In fact, they are the only ones who have ever done it!» The Cathedral of Hope is one of many hope signs for me, where a growing and diverse group of committed people work together to create a visible and spiritual symbol of the struggle for our oceans, for our earth and for all of us

-4 (1).jpg

Solfrid Molland

Solfrid Molland is a singer and a pianist. She grew up with Russian Gypsy music and Western classical music. Travelling as a busker in Europe, she learnt Gypsy songs from Romany musicians and wrote music inspired by the cathedrals she visited. She has released this music on three albums: Katedral for Tapte Drømmer, Musikken er mitt fedreland og Forvandling. 
In 2015 she was awarded Oslo City’s Artist Prize. 


Dag Skottene

Former Lecturer of Social Studies

The main reasons why I want to be an ambassador of Hope Cathedral is that I feel love for the ocean. What we love, we will take care of and protect. The massive plastic pollution makes a strong impression on me. I want to join the vision to transform something bad into something good. In recognizing how vulnerable our nature is, and how dependent we are on it, I want to participate in this effort to reverse the destructive development. I greatly appreciate the open commitment: that the project is broad and boundless - both geographically, internationally and philosophically. The dimension of hope is important. It is about standing together about our basis of life: to be the hope of creation.


Jonas Orset

Professional Cyclist

Hope Cathedral symbolizes hope for a good future. For me, the struggle for a healthy, clean and a justified world, is important. Therefore, I think the project of creating a cathedral to give us all hope, and at the same time show us that it is possible to overcome the world's environmental challenges, is incredibly great. It is helping us to see the possibilities, rather than the problems. Hope Cathedral transforms the problem into something positive, and makes us believe that it’s always possible to see the good in something bad. I am proud to be an ambassador.



Training vessel

The full rigged Sørlandet, is the world's oldest operational tallship. The ship was built in 1927 and was a former school ship, or training vessel, that was originally run by Sørlandets Seilende Skibeskibs Institution (Today, Sørlandet Maritime High School). The ship was built to be used for basic vocational training of seafarers. Today, the ship runs a boarding school, A + World Academy.


Monica Isakstuen

Forfatter og dramatiker, født i Oslo, oppvokst i Asker, bosatt i Fredrikstad

Problemene til menneskene og jorda vi lever på er vokst seg så store at de kan virke uoverkommelige, umulige å gjøre noe med. Men nettopp derfor støtter jeg Håpets katedral. For når så mange mennesker vil være med på å rydde strendene våre for plast og samle materialer til en katedral av søppel, er HÅP ikke bare et vakkert ord eller en diffus følelse. Håpets katedral blir stående/drivende/bølgende i havet som et synlig bevis på handling og fellesskap, på alt vi kan få til – sammen.  


Nina Jensen

Marine biologist and CEO of REV Ocean

Nina Jensen er en norsk marinbiolog og leder av forsknings- og ekspedisjonsskipet REV Ocean. Hun er tidligere generalsekretær i WWF Verdens naturfond. Jensen ble i mars 2014 utnevnt til Young Global Leader, et nettverk som jobber som integrert del av World Economic Forum. Jensen har utdannelse som marinbiolog fra James Cook University i Australia og arktisk marinbiologi fra Norges fiskerihøgskole i Tromsø. Hun skrev masteroppgave om storkobbebestanden i Barentshavet og har også skrevet om torskestammen. Jensen har dessuten erfaring som prosjektkoordinator i reklamebyrået Ogilvy & Mather. 

Jensen startet som frivillig i WWF i 2003. I 2005 ble hun havmiljørådgiver samme sted, deretter leder for organisasjonens naturvernavdeling og så fagsjef. 1. mars 2012 overtok Jensen etter Rasmus Hansson som generalsekretær i WWF Verdens naturfond, en stilling hun hadde fram til 2017.

Som generalsekretær var Jensen en profilert samfunnsdebattant, som tidlig tok til orde for at Oljefondet burde trekke seg ut av kull og i stedet investere i fornybar energi. Hun er en forkjemper for bedre forvaltning av de norske havområdene, og har frontet WWFs mangeårige arbeid for en egen norsk klimalov. Hun er jevnlig å se og høre i debattprogrammer på både TV og radio.

Jensen er også medlem av Framtiden i våre hender.


Rita Eriksen


Jeg er så glad for å være ambassadør for Håpets katedral. Jeg mener at det er en selvfølge at vi alle som en tar ansvar her på jorda for at vi skal få en rent hav. Hvis livet i havet dør, hva har vi da? Hvis det skal bli mer plastikk i havet enn fisk? Hvis fisk, skilpadder og hvaler skal bli fanget i garn og plastikk og dø en sakte og pinefull død? Hva sier det om oss mennesker?