Hope Cathedral is a huge project and we need all the support we can get

Our banknumber:

IBAN: NO0810804203082


If you have a norwegian phonenumber you can now contribute in the Vipps-application. Our Vippsnumber is 530228. 

You can also contribute either by building the Cathedral or supporting one of the projects at bidra.no. At bidra.no you can also start your own crowdfunding project and invite friends and family to support a good cause. Together we will build Hope Cathedral!

Do you want to start your own Hope Cathedral crowdfunding project? Here's a few examples to inspire you:

Ocean cleaning with good friends
“For every bag of plastic my friends pick, I'll donate ... kroner/dollar/euro (you get it) to the Hope Cathedral”

Donation pass it forward
I’m donating …… kroner/dollar/euro to Hope Cathedral. How many friends of mine will do the same? Together we are building Hope Cathedral!


Pick some plastic - help build Hope Cathedral!

The roof of the Cathedral will be made out of plastic pieces. 
This is how you can make a roof tile. 

  1. Find a fishing crate or plastic jug

  2. Cut it into A4 - format

  3. Put it in an envelope and send it to us:

Håpets Katedral
Phønixbrygga 3
1606 Fredrikstad

Together we are building hope!