Our temple, our mosque, our synagogue, our church - our sacred room



The vision behind Hope Cathedral


The ocean belongs to all of us

It is in us, around us and is an important part of our survival and everyday life. It is boundless and binds people together. Yet for many years we have treated the ocean disrespectfully and filled it with rubbish. We have neglected one of the most important life strings we have here on earth. But there is still hope.

Over the next two years we will assemble a cathedral with a wooden construction inspired by traditional Norwegian stave churches and blocks made out of plastic we have found in the sea. The cathedral becomes proof that we can transform something bad into something good - and is a groundbreaking meeting point between world heritage and modern art, between people across age, nationality and faith.

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Interfaith engagement


Our inspiration is the boundless ocean, which connects us. Nations, continent and individuals, whichever religion we might belong to, or not. The ocean is life-giving and is our collective heritage. This heritage is under threat. If we are to save it, we must work together.

Hope Cathedral is an initiative towards such a collective effort. The impulse has come from Borg Diocese in Church of Norway and there will be an open invitation to participate. We invite to a broad co-operation across national identities, ages, and faiths, both to clean our beaches and to build the cathedral itself. In this way Hope Cathedral is also a peace project.



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