A Sunday with ECEN

On Sunday, May 26, participants from ECEN arrived at the construction site, to get information about Hope Cathedral. Afterwards the joined the work - created bee cathedrals, fastened copper plates around the barge, and almost finished the ceiling of the table cathedral kit; a colorful plastic “painting” made of eager ECEN-hands. Delicious cakes were also served, and these we got from volunteers after a “shout out” on Facebook! Thank you so much! Absolutely gorgeus.

About ECEN, from their website:

-An effort for a joint churches’ action in taking care for creation is closely linked with three European Ecumenical Assemblies in Basel (1989), Graz (1997) and Sibiu (2007). The European Ecumenical Assembly held in Basel in May 1989 offered for many churches an opportunity to make visible their commitment for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.